Fabrication Work

Flying Pigeon Gate

A local bike shop, Flying Pigeon LA, wanted security gates inspired by native plants in the area. I made a study of the garden at the nearby Lummis Home and developed the visual idea of yucca and nopal cactus providing protection, with the nearby hills above framing the top of the gate. Each panel of […]

Ripple Wave Handrail

This handrail was designed to complement a pre-existing chandelier above the stairwell with its wild, continuous, flow of bends, curves, twists, and knots. The finished railing follows these features with its own unique problems to solve. The rope-like hand rail top is made using multiple steel rods twisted together. It then splits, curves, and wraps itself around the corner […]

Bike Parking

My bike racks are a blend of functional design and various styles. This rack, produced in 2012, is made of steel with an assortment of Ashtabula bicycle crank arms worked into the design. This bike rack was completed circa 2013 for Century Center for Economic Opportunity in Lennox, CA. One of my earlier works, circa […]