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Bicycle Wheel Kitchen Pot Rack

Inspired by the Los Angeles Department of DIY, this pot rack is made of up-cycled bike parts transformed into a cool new way to hang your pots and pans. When I say “Up-cycled, done right!”, I mean it. I use parts with an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. When you use bicycle parts for […]

Bridge Bench A-Frame

It started when I was riding my bike by the Arroyo Seco Confluence, over the river. You can see re-bar blossoming, followed by the cement rooting itself from the ground up. Not a bird in sight, but a flock of union workers nesting there for the seasons to come. This inspired the a-frame bench below.

High End Table

I intended to make an end table, but the finished piece is too tall to properly serve as one, so I call it the High End Table. It is more of a decorative table now – good for a vase, an old school phone, or a place to drop your keys.

Offset Square Coffee Table

The starting point for this coffee table concept was two square frames, offset, and floating just beneath the surface of the table top. The legs of the table are exactly that, and are integrated into the table top. The table top is made of stained salvaged wood blocks held in place by hardware connected to […]

Bridge Bench

I picked up the salvaged wood for this bench on a ride I took on my cargo bike; passing under a bridge on the way to the local Home Depot. Inspired by heavy building trades, I came to admire the bridges that connect the city.

La Distancia Armchair

La Distancia Armchair (piano and steel) by Steel Fabricated Arts, 2014.